SY450-SF1SNM Yagi Directional Antenna 746-896 MHz

  • 746-896 MHz range
  • 6-element Yagi
  • 6.5 dB Gain

What is the SY450-SF1SNM Yagi Antenna?

The Sinclair SY450-SF1SNM Yagi is a directional antenna tuned to 746-896 MHz with 6.5 dB Gain and N-Male termination.

What it works with:

  • 700/800 MHz base stations

Why choose the Yagi Directional Antenna?

The Yagi directional antenna focuses the radio frequency in the direction desired for transmission of the signal. The antenna has 6.5 dB gain which helps focus the direction and distance of the signal. Designed for high performance, versatility and ease of installation. All elements are DC grounded for lightning protection. 

More Information
Long Name Yagi, Directional Antenna, Sinclair SY450-SF1SNM - 746-896, 6.5 dB Gain, N-Male Connector
Product Name SY450-SF1SNM Yagi Directional Antenna 746-896 MHz
Manufacturer Sinclair
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