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Battery, Li Polymer, Harris Unity XG-100P
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Product ID : XPPA3A


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Why You Need This Battery

The XPPA3A is the standard Harris Corporation OEM battery for the Harris Unity XG-100P. The XPPA3A is a 3600mAH Li-Poly battery that offers up to 16 hours of life per charge. Li-Poly batteries can be made thinner then Li-Ion due to the fact that it offers higher specfic energy concentrations, this allows the battery to remain a standard size however increases the performance.

Compatible Portable Radios

  • Harris Unity XG-100P

Battery Specifications

The XPPA3A 3600 mAH Li-Poly rechargable battery for the Harris Unity XG-100P, can be charged with one of the following RAPID Rate Chargers: NCC0325, NCC0355, NCC0380

One Year Warrenty