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XG-75M (M7300), Single-Band, VHF, UHF or 700/800, P25 Mobile Radio

Non Keypad Front Mount Control Head
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XG-75M Mobile Radio

Previously know as the M7300, the XG-75M mobile radio is a state-of-the-art mobile radio that trunks seamlessly between the 800 MHz frequency band and the newly available 700 MHz frequency band.  The radio provides secure interoperations for first responders who need to utilize various operating modes in the dual-band public safety environment, enabling seamless communications for multiple communications protocols.

The XG-75M mobile radio is available with CH-721 System (full keypad) or Scan (partial keypad) control heads.  The radio offers optional Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for maximum communications security and an optional Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver module to provide standard GPS data for over-the-air transmission for use in location-based applications such as AVL.  The same XG-75M mobile radio hardware packages can be ordered with multiple software applications including:

·         OpenSky® Digital Trunking

·         ProVoice Trunking

·         P25 Digital Trunking

·         P25 Digital Conventional

·         Enhanced Digital Access Communications System (EDACS®) Trunking

·         Conventional Analog Communications

Design Features

The XG-75M mobile radio is optimized for use in critical communications environments. The radio can withstand 40-mph wind-driven rain, temperature extremes from -22 to +140°F (-30 to +60°C), 48 hours of exposure to salt fog, blowing dust, humidity, low pressure, and other environmental extremes. The radio also meets U.S. Forest Service vibration requirements and TIA/EIA-603 vibration and shock stability requirements.  Designed for ease of installation, the transceiver for the XG-75M mobile radio may be mounted either under the vehicle dash or remotely. The radio provides a high standard of reliable performance in demanding environments.

The XG-75M mobile radio uses our most advanced control head, the CH-721.  The large graphical display maximizes readability and its controls are designed for ease of use. The 3-line, 12-character, alphanumeric display shows the names of systems/groups/individuals or conventional channels.  The photo sensor sets the display to accommodate ambient lighting. In addition, the vacuum fluorescent display improves visibility and readability in all lighting conditions compared to less expensive liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. The CH-721 System control head also has a 12-button numeric keypad that provides Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) functionality and easier operator system/group selection control at the control head’s front panel.

With the software-based design, the XG-75M mobile radio is readily configurable and easily expandable with software upgrades to offer additional operational features:

·         Stores up to 1,024 trunked system/group combinations and up to 1,024 conventional channels

·         Stores 255 individual call numbers and 255 telephone numbers in memory

·         ProFile offers easy over-the-air programming for efficient updates

·         ProScan provides smooth, automatic roaming between sites

·         Full conventional feature set, including dual priority scan and various tone signaling formats

·         EDACS Security Key (ESK) prevents unauthorized users from programming radios or accessing the system

GPS Capable

The optional Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver module can provide standard GPS formatted data over the air for vehicle tracking systems.

Data Capable

The XG-75M mobile radio offers optional capabilities for high-performance mobile data communications.  An internal Radio Data Interface (RDI) allows the same radio to be used for trunked voice and data.  Data or voice communication is utilized transparently by the operator through normal usage of the radio.

Programmable Personality

With the XG-75M mobile radio, changing personalities is as simple as connecting to a personal computer.  This arrangement offers the flexibility of programming system and radio parameters as requirements change without interchanging parts or opening the radio case.

The optional over-the-air programming feature allows communications protocols to be changed easily and added at any time.

Secure Communications

DES and AES encryption are available for increased communications security.

EDACS Security Key (ESK)

The optional EDACS Security Key prevents unauthorized users from both programming radios for use on an EDACS system, and from accessing the system.

EDACS/ProVoice Emergency ID and Alarm

Emergency ID is an option that allows the user to quickly summon assistance from the dispatcher and other group members by simply pressing the emergency button (red button with triangular icon at the bottom right corner of the radio).  Pressing this button transmits a unique unit ID with the emergency signal so that all radios in the talkgroup will receive the ID or alias of the unit initiating the emergency.

Trunked Scan

This feature allows trunked system users to scan multiple talkgroups.

Unit Enable/Disable

This capability allows a lost or stolen radio to be disabled to prevent unauthorized monitoring of or interference with radio communications.

Telephone Interconnect Calls and Individual Calls

The XG-75M mobile radio is capable of initiating or receiving telephone calls on systems equipped with this functionality.  In addition, the individual call feature allows individual addressing within the trunked system for unit-to-unit calls. 

Options and Accessories

A selection of control heads, microphones, antennas, and mounting methods is offered to meet the different requirements of users.  The XG-75M mobile radio and M5300 share the same accessories, allowing users to interchange them between mobile radios.