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Unity XG-100M P25 Multiband VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz Mobile Radio

Unity XG-100M P25 Multiband VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz Mobile Radio
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Product ID : XG-100M


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The Harris Unity® XG-100M Full-Spectrum Multiband mobile radio delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice communications and is Project 25 Phase 2 upgradable. Honored as a ‘2010 Hot Product' by APCO's Public Safety Communications Magazine. The Harris Unity radio is manufactured in the U.S.  Three control heads available for the XG-100M Mobile Radio.  The touch screen control head, shown above(Top), allows for the most interaction and variability in the radio from the main screen.  The Standard control head, shown above(bottom) with a full keypad allows for traditional field programming from the radio.  The Limited Keypad (not shown) is set up to be preprogrammed via the computer and the keys to be set up to control preset options.  Each control head option is available in a front mount(dash mount) or remote mount.


Operating Modes:

  • P25IP Trunking
  • P25IP Digital Conventional
  • Conventional Analog

Available Bands:

  • VHF/UHF/700/800
  • Available in Single Band, Dual Band or Multi band 


  • Narrowband Capable
  • Next-generation control head that includes:
    • Full color touch-screen display
    • Built-it Noise Suppression
    • Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • GPS receiver
  • AES/DES-OFB Encryption
  • Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR)


Unprecedented Interoperability

The XG-100M covers all land mobile radio frequency bands in a single radio: VHF band (136-174 MHz),  UHF bands (380-520 MHz), 700/800 MHz bands (762-870 MHz), In addition, the XG-100M is capable of receiving low-band VHF transmissions (30-50 MHz).


Next-Generation User Interface

The user-centric design of the XG-100M includes options for remote and front-mounted control units. The CH-100 option provides a next generation graphical user interface (GUI) that incorporates a large 4.3-inch touchscreen color display that provides significant capability and flexibility. The radio also supports the use of the CH-721 traditional control unit with a 3- line 12-character alphanumeric display.



Operation in High-Noise Environments

Using the CH-100 control unit, the XG-100M features Harris’ proprietary noise suppression capability to provide clear and crisp voice quality in high noise environments for use in any mode. The CH-100 is designed with a built-in microphone and advanced signal processing technology which, when combined with the hand held microphone, provide built-in noise suppression.


Extended Channel Capacity

Using the CH-100 control unit, the XG-100M is designed to maximize interoperability by providing the channel capacity necessary to operate on many systems across all frequency bands:

·         Able to store 1,250 channels/talkgroups and 50 system profiles per mission plan

·         Able to store up to 10 mission plans for a total of 12,500 channels/talkgroups and 500 system profiles

·         Can be completely reconfigured from the front panel by loading different mission plans for different situations



XG-100M Brochure