Universal Heavy Duty Leather Shoulder Strap

  • Universal 
  • Strap includes loop to attach speaker mic 
  • 1-inch Thick Leather 

What is the CAUNIARESS Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap

The CAUNIARESS is a heavy-duty shoulder strap to carry your Bendix King portable radios. The heavy-duty clips hold the radio case securely and the 1-inch wide leather adjustable strap fits comfortably over the shoulder.  Adjustable strap length, 51" to 60"

Works with the following Holsters: 

  • CAKNGL9ROK - Large Leather Holster BK KNG 
  • KAA0415 - Leather Holster BK KNG
  • KAA0415CF - Leather Holster BK KNG
  • LAA0425 - Leather Holster with LCD Window BK DPH
  • LAA0430 - Short Battery Leather Holster BK DPH
  • LAA0435 - Solid Front Leather Holster BK DPH 
  • Tait T03-00038-00035, T03-00038-00036, T03-00038-00037

Why Choose the CAUNIARESS Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap?

Are you looking for another way to carry your radio than on your hip? The heavy-duty shoulder strap works with the above-mentioned holsters and secures your BK Technologies handheld portable radio over your shoulder instead of wearing it on your hip. 

More Information
Long Name CAUNIARESS 1-inch Thick Leather Shoulder Strap for use with Leather holsters, Equivalent to LAA0813, KAA0813
Product Name Universal Heavy Duty Leather Shoulder Strap
Manufacturer 49er Communications
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs Bendix King LAA0813, Bendix King KAA0813, LAA0413, KAA0413, T03-00038-0034
Carry Style Straps
Case Material Leather

Leather strap with 2 case clips

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