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49er Communications, a West Coast Radio Repair Center, has perfected the process for expediting two-way radio repairs known as our PDQ Repair and QA Inspection Program.  We understand how important it is for you to get your radios(s) back quickly, fulfilling the expectation that they'll be in tip-top performance upon delivery back to you.  Over the past 19 years we've developed a system where all incoming tranceivers get the full TLC treatment, which includes:

1) Visual Inspection and Cleaning of inside of radio

Internal Circuit Boards  -  Solders  -  Components  -  Parts & Pieces of the Radio

2) Complete thorough bench testing:

Tuning and aligning the unit back to factory Specifications

3) Detailed inspection and cleaning of the unit exterior

4) Quality Assurance testing prior to return shipment 
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PDQ KNG Portable BK Radio Repair

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PDQ DMH GMH BK Radio Repair

If your non-warranty radio is beyond economical repair there will be a minimum bench fee of $99.  If you choose to purchase a new radio the minimum bench fee is waived.  Warranty repairs for radios purchased from 49er Communications within the warranty period are handled free of charge, ground shipping included, expedited available upon request, fees apply.  There is a $75 handling fee for radios submitted for repair which were not purchased from 49er Communications.

*Please note end of service life for EPH, GPH5102X and older, DPH5102X, GMH5992X, & GMH5992R.  Parts for end of service life radios are no longer available and no longer being serviced.

Online Repair Form

PDQ Radio Repair Process:

1) Download and fill out repair form - Fill out ONE Repair form per radio - Please be as detailed as possible
2) Put your radio(s) in a box, pad for shipment, include repair form(s) and ship via an insured method to: 49er Communications Service Department, 361 Railroad Ave, Nevada City, CA 95959
3) Once your radio(s) are received by our warehouse, we will notify you by method of your choosing
4) Our goal is to repair your radio(s) within 10 days of receiving them, Tier IV repairs can take longer
5) The return shipping is included in the flat fee repairs. We will ship your radio(s) Back to you the same method that you shipped to us. ie, if you ship to us UPS Ground we return them Ground, if you ship them in Next Day Air we return them Next Day Air.  *Warranty repairs include ground shipping, expedited shipping available upon request, call for speeds and pricing.
6) You will receive notification of shipment and tracking # when your radio(s) leave our facility on their way back to you

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