Multi-Radio Discount Pkgs

Multi-Radio Discount Pkgs
Bendix King KNG P150S front view and diagram

BK RadioKNG Portables

The preferred radio of USFS is the Bendix King KNG P150

For decades wildland firefighters have relied on the worlds toughest and most durable radios from Bendix King. Contractors love them because incident command centers are well equipped to program, repair, and support these radios. In this category you will find the NIFC Forest Service approved radio packages you're looking for including the extremely popular KNG P150 and Version 2 KNG2 P150. The KNG P150 and KNG2-P150 have trunking capabilities of the P150-CMD, as well as all of the features needed for a wildland fire incidents and many other public safety applications. 

Batteriesor clamshells

The primary differences in our kits are whether or not they come with batteries and a charger or AA battery clamshells.

If you have ready access to power we highly recommend rechargeable batteries and a charger. Most Wildland Contractors have access to a vehicle and we therefore recommend rechargeable batteries and a vehicle charger. If you primarily work on hand crews and do not have reliable access to power on a wildland fire incident, you might consider clamshells that use AA batteries. The super high capacity rechargeable batteries last about twice as long as AA battery clamshells, but you can carry extra AA batteries for when you do not have access to power for a battery charger.

BK Rechargeable Batteries and AA Clamshells
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  1. BKR5000 Wildland Radio Grab N Go 6 Pack
    BKR5000 Wildland Radio Grab N Go 6 Pack
    • 6 BKR5000 VHF P25 Digital Handheld Radios
    • 6 BK Radio BKR0400 Belt Clips
    • 6 BigBoost 18" Whip High Gain Antennas
    • 6 BK Orange Battery Clamshells
    • 6 BK Rechargeable Batteries
    • 1 6-Bay Gang Charger
    • 1 BK Radio BKR0700 Radio to Radio Cloning Cable
    • Field Programming Enabled
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