Antenna Pigtail, Mini UHF to QMA for DMH, GMHXP

  • MIni UHF female to QMA Antenna Pigtail
  • 6" coax cable
  • For BK Radio DMH and GMHXP series radios.  

What is the Antenna Pigtail?

The 6006-30970-502 antenna pigtail is a mini UHF cable assembly for Bendix King DMH and GMHXP series radios which terminates in a QMA quick disconnect. This is used to connect the BK mobile radio to the Antenna Coax that has a Mini UHF connector installed.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • DMH Series Radios
  • GMHXP Series Radios

Why choose the 6006-30970-502?

Use the pigtail to connect the Antenna coaxial cable with a Mini UHF male connector to the DMH and GMHP radios which have a QMA quick disconnect RF port.  Each LAA0633 or LAA0638 installation kit includes one of the pigtails.

More Information
Long Name Bendix King Antenna Pigtail for DMH, GMHXP Mini UHF Female to QMA, 6", 6006-30970-502
Product Name Antenna Pigtail, Mini UHF to QMA for DMH, GMHXP
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs No
Cable Assembly
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