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Swivel Belt Loop for D-Swivel Holsters and Buttons

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  • D-Swivel Belt Loop
  • Use along with D-Swivel Holsters and buttons
  • Easy addition/removal from Belt
  • Locks D-Button in place

What is the Universal Swivel Belt Loop?

The CAUNIA9RDL swivel belt loop is a leather snapping belt loop to use along with holsters that have the D-Swivel Buttons or the D-Swivel button that connects directly to the radio or batteries.

Commonly used with:

  • CAKNGA9RDB D-Swivel Button
  • CAKNGL9ROK Holster
  • KAA0422 Holster

Why Choose the CAUNIA9RDL?

This leather belt loop is smaller than the standard snapping belt loop, taking up less space on the belt.  The snaps hold firm while in use and allow for taking the belt loop on and off the belt without having to remove your belt from your waist.  The locking belt loop allows the D-Button to be slid into the receptacle at any angle but will only release when the radio or holster is inverted to prevent accidental dropping.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

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Carry Style - Belt Loop
Case Material - Leather