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TP9600, VHF 136-174 MHZ, Full Keypad, Black, P25 Portable Radio

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  • P25 Digital Radio
  • Trunking Capable
  • Available in VHF / UHF / 700/800
  • 2000 Channels
  • IP68
  • Bluetooth Standard

What is the Tait TP9600 Radio?

The Tait TP9600 is a feature-rich portable radio delivering secure and reliable, multi-agency communications in challenging environments.  Designed for ease of use, this P25 Portable features intuitive controls and a color screen for enhanced usability. Active noise cancellation and noise suppression technologies reduce background sounds while enhancing voice transmissions, ensuring First Responders have loud and clear audio.

    Why Choose the Tait TP9600 Radio?

    The TP9600 Tait radio is a versatile communication solution designed for modern industries. With a capacity for 2000 channels and support for both P25 digital and analog modes, it ensures adaptable and compatible communication across various systems. Featuring Bluetooth, a vibrant color LCD display, a powerful 3-watt speaker, and dual-microphone noise cancellation, it offers seamless connectivity, clear interface, loud audio output, and enhanced sound quality in challenging environments. Additionally, it incorporates MDC1200 signaling, OTAR, OTAP, and FleetEnable capabilities, streamlining remote programming, key management, and fleet operations. The TP9600 is a reliable and feature-rich radio suited for industries requiring dependable communication tools with advanced functionalities.

      • Enhance usability with color screen
      • Clearer voice in loud environments through active noise cancellation and suppression technologies
      • Multi-mode, analog and digital capabilities simplifying migration path
      • Man Down, Lone Worker function and GPS location services improve personnel safety and effectiveness
      • Wireless Over-The-Air-Programming streamlines asset management.
      • P25 FDMA and Phase 2 TDMA Trunking (Optional)
      • FleetEnable (Optional)
      • AES & DES Encryption (Optional)
      • FIPS 740-2 certified encryption module (Optional)

      TP9600, 136-174 MHZ, System, Black, P25 - Tait Portable Radio Includes P25 Conventional Operation, 2000 Channels, GPS Display, MDC 1200 Signaling, Bluetooth, OTAP& OTAR(With EnableFleet), Phase 1 & 2 Trunking Capable

      Technical Details

      Product Specifications

      IP68 Submersible
      Public Safety
      replaces products
      # of Channels - 2000
      Technology - APCO P25 Digital
      Transmit Power - 5 Watts
      Screen Type - Color LCD
      Buttons On Faceplate- Programmable Buttons
      Programming Options - PC Computer
      Encryption - AES/DES Optional