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N-Female Crimp On Connector, EZ-600-NF-X for LMR600 Coax

Times Microwave SKU: CCNFCOTAL6EZ
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  • 0-6 GHz
  • Straight Body
  • Clamp-on

What is the N-Female EZ-600-NF-X?

The EZ-600-NF-X is a Straight N female Clamp-on connector for LMR600 coax cable 

Works with:


Why choose N-Female Crimp On Connector?

Choose the Times Microwave N Female RF connector when working with  LMR600 coaxial cable. This connector make a secure connection by being crimped onto the cable.

Times Microwave N-Female Crimp on connector for LMR600 Coax, EZ-600-NF-X

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