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Base Station Antenna Mounting Mast, 5ft, Steel

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  • 1.25" diameter
  • 5 feet tall
  • 16 gage

What is the Rohn Antenna Mast?

The Rohn 160505PHS is a Steel mast used for base station antenna mounting, 5 feet, 1.25" diameter and 16 guage. 

Works With:

  • Roof Mount Tri-Pod
  • Side of building Mounting

Why choose the Rohn 5ft Mast?

If you are planning to mount a base station antenna on your roof, you will need a steel mast to secure it to. Use along with roof mount tri-pod, wall mount or chimney mount to securely mount the radio antenna.

*You may also need FM2 mounting hardware and ROHTRT36 Tri-Pod

Rohn 5ft Steel Mast, 16 Gauge, 1.25" Diameter, 160505PHS, for mounting base station antennas

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5 feet
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160505PHS, ROH160505PHS, Rohn 160505PHS, Bendix King 160505PHS, Bendix King ROH160505PHS