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Standard Microphone, KAA0276S for KNG-M

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  • Standard Microphone for the BK KNG-M
  • Tough, durable factory original part
  • Can be mounted in vehicle for convenient communications.
  • Transmits clear audio
  • Straight Connector

What is the KAA0276 Microphone?

The KAA0276S is a standard microphone for KNG mobile radios, that can be mounted in a vehicle for convenient communications.  The Mic cable has a straight connector that plugs into the radio.

Works with: 

  • Bendix King KNG Mobile Radios
  • KAA0660 Remote Head on BK KNG-M

Why choose the BK KNG-M Standard Microphone?

The Bendix King KNG mobile radio standard microphone is durable and easy to use. 


*For the DTMF Programming Mic see KAA0290.

**For GMH or DMH Mobile Radio Standard Mic See LAA0276

***Right Angle Connector is no longer available

Relm BK Radio KAA0276S Standard Microphone for Bendix King KNG-M Mobile Radios

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