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Short Stack Battery Leather Holster, LAA04300 for DPH, GPH

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  • To be used with Short Compact Batteries Only
  • Use with LAA0424 Snapping Belt Loop or LAA0413 Shoulder Strap and LAA0423 T-Strap also available to secure radio
  • Case includes "D" swivel button plate on back

What is the LAA0430 Short Battery Leather Holster?

The LAA0430 leather holster with D- Swivel clip is designed to be used with short stack batteries BADPHRCBA19 and LAA0171 on your Bendix King legacy series radio. Using a standard holster with a short stack battery will make the radio sit too low in the holster.  

Works with the Following Bendix King Radios:

  • DPH5102X, DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD
  • GPH5102X, GPH5102XP, GPH5102XP-CMD
  • EPH Series Radios 

Why Choose the LAA0430 Short Battery Leather Holster?

Are you using a short stack battery on your Bendix King DPH/GPH series radios? If so, the LAA0430 is designed specifically for use with the short batteries. This holster comes with D swivel clip plate on back.

Add Optional LAA0424 Locking Belt Loop, LAA0413 Leather shoulder strap or LAA0423 Leather T-strap, for ease of wearing your radio holster.

LAA0430 Short Battery Leather Holster with D-Swivel Clip for Bendix King DPH, GPH Radios, Use with short stack batteries

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Carry Style - D-Swivel
Case Material - Leather