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KNG-P & KNG-M Programming Software CD, NeoVision, KAA0732

BK Technologies SKU: PRKNGSWRE
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  • Programming software CD
  • KAA0732
  • KNG-P Portable and KNG-M Mobile Radios
  • Not for use with KNG-P150S or KNG-P400S
  • Use with Windows Operating Systems Only

What is the KAA0732Programming Software?

KAA0732 is PC programming software for the BK Radio KNG portable and mobile radios with firmware versions 5.4.0c and lower. This disc will only program KNG P portable and M mobile radios, it will not work on legacy models or the KNG-S series handheld radios.  This software is Windows compatible.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios:

  • KNG P150 and KNG P150 Command Portable Radios
  • KNG P400 Portable Radios
  • KNG P500 Portable Radios
  • KNG P800 Portable Radios
  • KNG-M150 Mobile Radios
  • KNG-M400 Mobile Radios
  • KNG-M500 Mobile Radios
  • KNG-M800 Mobile Radios
  • KNG2-P Portable Radios

Why choose the KAA0732?

If you need to program your KNG series BK Radio radio via the computer you will need the KAA0732 disc along with the KAA0710 programing cable.  Not compatible with IOS operating systems, must use with Windows operating systems only. Customers who purchase software are responsible for knowing how to use the software.  There are no returns on software.


*For "S" Models use KAA0730 Software 

**For KNG Radio models with Firmware versions 5.5.0 and higher use KAA0733 RES programming software