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RFU505 UHF Male Connector for RG58/U, LMR200

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  • RF Industries RFU505
  • Male UHF Connector, PL259
  • Compatible with RG58/U, RG58A/U, RG141 and LMR-200 Coaxial Cable

What is the RFU505 Connector?

The RF Industries RFU505 is a UHF male connector used to crimp on to coaxial cable in order to attach an RF cable/connector to a radio.  The PL259 connector is a crimp on style. This is the most common RF connector for mobile and/or base station radios.

Use with:

RG58/U, RG58A/U, RG141 and LMR-200 Coaxial Cable

Why choose the UHF Male Connector?

Attach connector to your RF antenna cable so that you can plug the cable into a radio that has a UHF Female connector.

*Please see RFU600-6 if you have a Bendix King mobile radio.

RF Industries RFU505 (PL259) UHF Male Crimp On Connector for RG58/U or LMR200

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