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PC Programming Software for Hytera PD Series Portable Radios

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  • PC Programming Software
  • Use With Hytera PD5 Series Radios
  • Hytera DMR CPS
  • Windows Compatible

What is the CPS Software?

The Hytera CPS (Computer Programming Software) is PC programming software for Hytera DMR radios.  This software is windows compatible.  The HYT CPS software is version and radio specific.  This version is V8-06-01-017.NA2

Works with the Following Hytera Radios:

  • PD502i
  • PD562i
  • PD602i
  • PD662i
  • PD682i
  • PD702i
  • PD752i
  • PD782i
  • PD982i
  • X1pi
  • X1ei
  • MD652i
  • MD782i
  • RD622i
  • RD962i
  • RD982i

*If There are any questions about which version of the CPS software is needed please Call 800-552-0707 for assistance.