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GPHXP Series Radios Owners Manual, 7001-30998-000

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  • Owners manual
  • GPH5102XP radios

What is the GPHXP Owners Manual? 

The 7001-30998-000 is an owners manual for RELM BK GPH5102XP portable radios. This manual is great for learning how to use the GPHXP portable radio or if you are looking to learn more about your radio and its capabilities. 

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • GPH5102XP Portable Radio

Why choose the 7001-30998-000? 

The GPHXP owners manual includes features descriptions, programming instructions, and knob/button descriptions.  When you are out on the fire line, keep this manual with the radio, for quick reference. 


*Not for other GPH Model Radios