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N-Male, Crimp On Connector for RG58 or LMR195 - RFN1005-3C

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  • RF industries RFN1005-3C connector
  • N male, crimp on connector
  • Use with RG58 or LMR195

What is the RFN1005-3C?

The RF industries RFN1005-3C is an N-male, crimp on RF connector for RG58 or LMR195 RF Cable

Works with:

RF58 Coax

LMR195 Coax

Why choose the N-Male Connector?

The RFN1005-3C connector is used in conjunction with RG58 or LMR195 RF coax antenna cable.  This connector is commonly used with Bendix King KNG-M Series Mobile radios as it is required to connect the antenna cable to the radio.

RF Industries RFN1005-3C - N-Male, Crimp On Connector for RG58 or LMR195 Coax

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