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Multi-band Whip Antenna for BK BKR9000 Series Radios BKR0893-148-E20

BK Technologies SKU: ANBKRWPRE8A
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  • All band whip antenna
  • BKR0893-148-E20
  • BKR9000 Radios Antenna
  • OEM BK Technologies All Band Antenna

What is the BKR0893-148-E20 Antenna?

The BKR0893-148-E20 is an all band antenna for the Bendix King BKR 9000 multi-band portable radios.  The antenna covers VHF, UHF and 700/800 frequency bands.

Works with:

BKR9000 Series Radios

Why Choose the All Band Antenna?

When the BKR9000 radio is configured as a dual-band or tri-band radio the BKR0893-148-E20 is the antenna designed to cover all of the frequency band options in the radio.

Multi-band Whip Antenna for BK BKR9000

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