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Motorola Minitor VI Pager, 5 Frequency, VHF 143-174 MHz

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  • Minitor VI Fire Pager
  • 5 Frequencies
  • Stored Voice
  • VHF 143-174 MHz

What is the Minitor VI 5 Freq Pager?

The Motorola Minitor VI is a fire pager designed to be used by public safety personal to receive emergency calls.  This is a 5 frequency option, which allows the user to monitor 5 different frequencies at one time.


  • Wideband Receiver Design - One pager covers the entire VHF band 143-174 MHz
  • Expanded Stored Voice - Stores up to 16 minutes of voice messages
  • Message Management - Next/previous, fast forward/rewind, delete, lock/unlock
  • Programmable Addresses - Supports 10 two-tone pairs and 5 individual long-tone alerts.
  • Silent Scan (5-Channel Model) - Scans two channels silently, alerts on either channel
  • Priority Scan (5-Channel Model) - Plays all traffic on both channels, alerts on the priority channel
  • Probability Scan (5-Channel Model) - Plays all traffic on both channels, alerts on either channel
  • Customizable Alert Tones - Select from pre-programmed alert tones, or import your own .wav files. Select vibrate profiles per address.
  • Customizable Function Mode Announcement - Announces programmed operating mode. Select from pre-programmed announcements, or import your own .wav files.
  • Battery Level Announcement - In addition to LED indication, pager can also announce battery level (high, medium, low, critically low).
  • Flexible Battery Options - Use included rechargeable battery or optional alkaline battery tray (non-intrinsically safe models only) for emergency in-field battery replacement.
  • Rugged and Reliable Design - IP56 rating for dust and water intrusion. Stands up to Motorola Accelerated Life Testing that simulates years of field use.
  • Available in an intrinsically safe version for use in areas with flammable gases and vapors, or a non-intrinsically safe version for improved field serviceability and battery options. (Call for Intrinsically Safe Versions)

Minitor VI Pager, Five Frequency, Motorola A03JAC9JA2AN - Comes with Standard Charger, Vibrate and Stored Voice, VHF 143-174 MHz

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