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Mini UHF Male, Crimp On Connector for RG58 or LMR195, RFU600-6

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  • RF Industries RFU600-6
  • Mini UHF Male Connector
  • Crimp on style
  • Use with RG58 or LMR195

What is the Mini UHF Connector?

The RF Industries RFU600-6 is a mini UHF male crimp on connector for RG58 or LMR195 antenna coax cable. 

Works with:

The RG58 and LMR195 Cable

Why choose the RFU600-6?

The mini UHF connector is a smaller version of a standard UHF connector. They are used on smaller equipment, such as mobile devices, where size is an important factor.  Commonly used along with Bendix King GMHP and DMH mobile radios.

Mini UHF Male, RFU600-6, Crimp On Connector for RG58 or LMR195 by RF Industries

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