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Medium duty lapel mic with Open D-Loop with Hytera 2-Pin Connector

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  • Surveillance style D-Loop earphone
  • Comfortable, secure and stylish D-Ring earpiece that provides clear audio.
  • The patented swivel earpiece design allows for longer lasting strain relief.
  • High-quality mic produces excellent transmit audio.
  • Polycarbonate housing gives you maximum durability.
  • A strong metal clip secures the mic/PTT element to your clothing.

What is the Medium Duty Lapel Mic with Open D-Loop Headphone?

The AAHY1LCMMED lapel mic features an over the ear D-Loop earpiece and microphone with push to talk (PTT) which utilizes a 360 degree rotating clothing clip for secure, "stay put" attachment where you want it. This versatile design may also be worn hidden under your jacket sleeve and held in your hand for any discreet applications.

Works with the following Radio Models: 

  • Hytera TC 610, TC 500, TC 508, TC 580, TC 700
  • Motorola CP200

Why choose the AAHY1LDMMED Lapel Mic?

Choose this lightweight lapel microphone because it is easy to wear and provides clear audio for discrete communications.

Medium duty lapel mic with Open D-Loop earphone w/PTT & Mic for Hytera TC-500, TC-508, TC-580 TC-610, TC-700 and Motorola CP200

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