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Magnetic Antenna Mount, G8, No Connector

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  • 12 Ft. RG-58A/U Coax Cable
  • Magnetic NMO Mount
  • No Connector Included

What is the Magnetic Antenna Mount?

The Laird G8 is a magnetic antenna mount.  The mount is optimized for vehicular roof mounting of an NMO type antenna.

Works with:

NMO Roof Mount antennas

Why choose the G8?

Choose the G8 for flexibility of mounting.  This temporary antenna mount uses strong magnets to attach to the roof of a vehicle.  The mag mount allows the antenna to easily be removed from the roof and not leave a hole behind like with the permanent antenna mounts.  The 12 feet of RG58 coax comes unterminated to allow for the end user to add the desired RF connector to the cable.

Laird G8 Magnetic Antenna Mount, NMO Style, 12' RG58U/A Coax, No Connector

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