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1900mAh/Li-Ion, KNB-35L, KNB-57L Replacement Battery

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  • Replaces KNB-35L and KNG-57L
  • Kenwood Rechargeable battery
  • 7.4Volts
  • 1900 mAh
  • 14.1 Watt Hour
  • Li-Ion

What is the KNB35L Replacement Battery?

The Kenwood KNB-35L Replacement Battery is 7.4Volts, 1900 mAh, 14.1 Watt Hour, Li-Ion Rechargeable battery for Kenwood portable radios.

Compatible with Kenwood Two-Way Radios:

  • Kenwood NX220, NX320, NX420, NX3200, NX3220, NX3300, NX3320, NX3400, NX3420 Radios 
  • Kenwood TK2140, TK2160, TK2170, TK3140, TK3160, TK3170, TK3173, TK2360, TK3360 Radios

Why Choose this Rechargeable Battery?

The 1900 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery is compatible with Kenwood NX and TK series radios. The Kenwood replacement battery was designed for reliable performance and high durability. Equivalent to Kenwood OEM batteries; KNB-57L, KNB-35L

Kenwood, KNB-35L, KNB-57L Replacement Battery - 1900mAh/Li-Ion for Two Way portable Radios

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KNB-57L, KNB-35L