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Intrinsically Safe Desktop Charger, T03-22011-BABA for Tait TP93/94 Radios

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  • Intrinsically Safe: Certified for use in hazardous environments.
  • Versatile Charging: Charge radio with battery attached or battery only.
  • Compliance: Meets stringent safety standards for hazardous environments.

What is the Intrinsically Safe Desktop Charger, T03-22011-BABA?

The Intrinsically Safe Desktop Charger, T03-22011-BABA, is specifically designed for Tait TP9300 and TP9400 IS (Intrinsically Safe) portable radios. Marked with an IS circle logo, these chargers must be used with IS batteries, as their internal circuitry provides additional protection for the IS circuitry in the battery and radio. This charger ensures that both the radio with the battery attached and the battery alone can be safely charged.

Compatible with the Following Radios and Batteries:

  • Tait TP9300 IS portable radios
  • Tait TP9400 IS portable radios
  • Intrinsically Safe Batteries for TP9300/TP9400 IS portable radios

Why Choose the T03-22011-BABA IS Desktop Charger?

This IS desktop charger is engineered to meet stringent safety requirements, making it ideal for hazardous environments. It ensures safe and efficient charging for your TP9300 and TP9400 IS radios and batteries, thereby enhancing operational safety and reliability. The charger's robust construction and reliable performance make it indispensable for industries such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical processing.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

charger type
Desktop Single
Charge Rate - Rapid Rate
Power Connection - AC Wall Outlet

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