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iCOM IC-F5400D & F6400D/DS Dash Mount Mobile Radios

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  • Next-Generation IDAS Technology: Equipped with both NXDN and dPMR modes to ensure superior digital communication performance and interoperability.
  • Robust and Compact Design: Features a small form factor that is easy to install, with IP55 water and dust protection, making it suitable for challenging environments.
  • Enhanced User Interface: Offers a high-resolution color LCD that improves operational visibility and ease of use in all lighting conditions.
  • Flexible and Secure Communication Options: Includes built-in Bluetooth, voice recording capabilities, optional advanced encryption, and multi-site connectivity to meet the demands of modern public safety and service organizations.
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iCOM IC-F5400D & IC-F6400D/DS Dash Mount Mobile Radios

Enhance Your Communications with iCOM's Next Generation IDAS™ Mobile Radios

Advanced IDAS™ Mobile Communication

The iCOM IC-F5400D series represents the pinnacle of iCOM's IDAS radios, incorporating cutting-edge technology and a host of new features in a compact form factor. These radios support NXDN and dPMR digital technologies, ensuring wide coverage and clear communication in various operational environments.

Feature-Rich and User-Oriented Design

  • Versatile Connectivity: Equipped with SD Card, USB interface, and Bluetooth capabilities, these radios offer flexible communication solutions tailored to modern needs.
  • High Visibility Color LCD: Features a brilliant color display that provides clear visibility in both low and bright light conditions, enhancing user interaction and readability.

Durable and Reliable for Intensive Use

  • Rugged Build: Meets IP55 standards for water jet resistance and dust protection, and complies with MIL-STD-810 G for shock, vibration, and temperature resilience.
  • Comprehensive Digital Features: Supports both analog and digital operations, over-the-air programming, and advanced encryption for secure communications.

Whether you're in public safety, security, or require complex communication solutions, the iCOM IC-F5400D & IC-F6400D/DS radios are designed to elevate your communication capabilities to new heights.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

Number of Channels: 1024 Channels/99 Channels
Number of Zones: 128 Zones
Dimensions: 6.9 × 2.2 × 5.9 in
Weight: 3.3 lb

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