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iCOM IC-F5330D & IC-F6330D Remote Mount Mobile Radios

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  • Flexible PoE Installation: Enables remote operation up to 100 meters using Ethernet cabling, providing flexibility for installations in vehicles or buildings with limited space
  • High-Performance Audio: Delivers loud and clear communication with a 1700 mW output from the Commandmic™, ensuring messages are received clearly in any environment.
  • Advanced Digital Capabilities: Supports NXDN™ and analog operations with additional features such as Over-the-Air Programming, digital encryption, and cross-band integration with systems like the VE-PG4.
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iCOM IC-F5330D & IC-F6330D Remote Mount Mobile Radios

Space-Saving, High-Performance Communication Solutions for Modern Needs

Innovative Remote Control Operation

The iCOM IC-F5330D and IC-F6330D series redefine mobile radio communication with their innovative remote-mount design. Utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) for flexible installation, these radios support extended setups up to 100 meters via Ethernet cabling, allowing for strategic placement in vehicles and buildings.

Exceptional Audio and Functional Flexibility

  • Commandmic™ Interface: Features a high-contrast black LCD on the Commandmic™, ensuring clear visibility and control, while delivering 1700 mW of loud and intelligible audio even in noisy environments.
  • Dual Mode Capability: Operates in both IDAS™ Digital Mode and Analog FM Mode, covering a wide frequency range (400 – 520 MHz for UHF)(136 –174 MHz, for VHF), which ensures versatile communication compatibility.

Durable and Advanced Technology Integration

  • Rugged Design: Built to MIL-STD-810 G standards with IPX4 splash resistance for the Commandmic™, these radios are designed to endure harsh operational conditions.
  • Digital Enhancements: Equipped with digital functions like PTT ID, Over-the-Air Alias, and emergency call features, enhancing communication security and efficiency.

Whether deployed in a vehicle or a fixed location, the iCOM IC-F5330D and IC-F6330D radios offer a reliable, clear, and flexible communication solution, perfect for modern public safety and service organizations.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

Number of Channels: 128 Channels
Number of Zones: 8 Zones
Dimensions: 5.9 × 1.8 × 6.4 in
Main Unit Weight: 2.4 lb

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