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iCOM IC-F3400 & IC-F4400 Series Handheld Digital Radios

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  • Advanced Digital Capabilities: Equipped with IDAS™ NXDN and dPMR modes for seamless multi-site connectivity and system scalability, perfect for growing operations in public safety and large-scale industries.
  • Unrivaled Audio Clarity: Features a powerful 1300 mW speaker with Active Noise Cancelling, ensuring crystal-clear communication in any environment, crucial for mission-critical operations.
  • Top-Tier Encryption: Offers robust AES/DES encryption with Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR), securing all communications against eavesdropping and unauthorized access, vital for sensitive and confidential operations.
  • Rugged and Reliable: Built to IP68 standards and compliant with MIL-STD-810 G, these radios are designed to withstand extreme conditions, from submersion in water to exposure to dust and shocks.
  • Emergency and Safety Protocols: Enhanced with Man Down and Motion Detection alerts to ensure rapid response during emergencies, increasing safety for lone workers and personnel in hazardous conditions.
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iCOM IC-F3400D / F4400D Series Digital Radios

Superior Communication with Uncompromised Security for Critical Missions

Advanced Digital Technology for Seamless Operations

The iCOM IC-F3400D / F4400D series is the epitome of digital communication excellence, equipped with IDAS™ NXDN and dPMR capabilities. These radios are designed to scale from single-site conventional systems to complex multi-site trunking setups effortlessly, ensuring broad communication coverage that evolves with your operational demands. Perfect for sectors requiring reliable connectivity across extensive networks such as public safety, security services, and large-scale industrial operations.

Robust Construction Meets Sophisticated Engineering

  • Exceptional Durability: Certified IP68 waterproof and dust-tight, these radios are constructed to endure rigorous conditions and meet MIL-STD-810 G specifications for shock and environmental resistance.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio: Featuring a custom-built speaker that delivers 1300 mW of audio output with Active Noise Cancelling technology, ensuring clear communication in noisy environments without strain.

Enhanced Security and Safety Features

  • Superior Encryption: Supports both AES and DES encryption standards, with Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) capabilities, allowing for secure, confidential communications essential in sensitive operations.
  • Emergency Readiness: Equipped with Man Down, Motion Detection, and Lone Worker alerts to enhance safety protocols, automatically initiating emergency signals to provide immediate assistance to personnel in distress.

Intuitive Usability with Smart Connectivity

  • Integrated Technology: Built-in Bluetooth® and GPS functionalities streamline connectivity and coordination, while the high-resolution color LCD ensures optimal interface visibility with day and night mode adjustments.
  • Voice and Data Management: The capability to record up to 500 hours of calls with detailed data embedding, such as user IDs and GPS location, via a 32GB microSD card, ensures that no communication is lost and accountability is maintained.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

Number of Channels: 1024 Channels
Dimensions: 2.1 × 4.9 × 1.2 in
Weight: 7.6 oz - 12.0 oz

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