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iCOM IC-F1000 & iCOM IC-F2000 Handheld Radio

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  • Exceptional Audio Performance: Delivers loud and clear 1500 mW audio to ensure every communication is heard clearly, even in noisy or harsh environments.
  • Rugged and Waterproof Design: Features IP67 certification and meets MIL-STD-810-G standards, making these radios fully equipped to handle tough industrial and outdoor conditions.
  • Safety-Enhancing Features: Equipped with advanced safety functions like a motion sensor for man-down detection and lone worker alerts, enhancing security for field personnel.
  • Extended Operational Capacity: Offers up to 14 hours of battery life and a 128-channel capacity to support communication needs through long shifts without interruption.
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ICOM IC-F1000/IC-F2000 Series UHF/VHF Transceivers

Empowering Clear, Reliable Communication Where It Matters Most

Unmatched Audio Clarity in Every Environment

With the ICOM IC-F1000/IC-F2000 series, experience exceptional communication clarity that stands out in the market. These radios deliver a powerful 1500mW of audio output, ensuring that every word is heard with precision, even in the busiest or noisiest of settings.

Built Tough to Keep You Connected

  • Rugged and Ready: Designed to withstand the toughest conditions with IP67 waterproofing and MIL-STD-810-G durability. Whether rain, dust, or shock, your communication remains uninterrupted.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Operate confidently through full work shifts with up to 14 hours of battery life and a robust 128-channel capacity, keeping you connected all day without fail.

Smart Features for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

  • Advanced Safety on the Move: Built-in motion sensors detect man-down scenarios and stationary states, triggering alerts that enhance worker safety, particularly in solitary or hazardous conditions.
  • Operational Excellence: Voice announcement functions and easy-access emergency keys streamline operations and enhance user response times during critical situations.

Customizable for Every Team

Choose from three tailored models to fit your team’s needs: the basic no-display for straightforward communication, the simple-display for everyday efficiency, or the full-keypad version for enhanced functionality. Each model is crafted to offer seamless integration into your workflow, ensuring that every team member stays connected and informed.

With the ICOM IC-F1000/IC-F2000 series, you're not just buying a radio; you're investing in a lifeline that keeps your operations smooth, your teams safe, and your communications crystal clear.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

battery type
charger type
Desktop Single
battery chemistry
MIL-810 G
Number of Channels: 128 channels
Number of Zones: 8 zones
Dimensions: 2.1 × 4.4 × 1.0 in
Weight: 8.5 oz

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