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IC-SAT100 iCOM Iridium Satellite Handheld Radio

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  • Global Reach with Iridium® Network: Seamless communication across all geographies, including polar regions, with low-latency satellite connectivity.
  • Designed for Durability: Meets MIL-STD 810G standards with IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, ensuring performance in the toughest environments.
  • Emergency Ready: Features a high-visibility orange emergency button for instant communication in critical situations.
  • All-Day Battery Life: Up to 14.5 hours of operational capacity to support extensive field use without frequent recharging.

iCOM IC-SAT100 Satellite Push-To-Talk Radio

Experience Unmatched Global Communication – Anytime, Anywhere.

Why Choose the iCOM IC-SAT100?

Unleash the power of the iCOM IC-SAT100 Satellite PTT Radio, designed to keep you connected in the most remote and harsh environments. This isn't just any communication device; it's your lifeline to the world, providing reliable and secure communication when you need it most.

Exclusive Features:

  • Superior Audio Clarity: With a 1500mW speaker, communicate clearly in noisy conditions where lesser devices fail.
  • Robust and Reliable: Waterproof, dust-tight, and built to withstand extreme temperatures from -30°C to +60°C, meeting MIL-STD 810G standards.
  • Extended Operation: Up to 14.5 hours of battery life ensures you stay connected through long missions without the need for frequent recharging.
  • Global Coverage: Powered by the Iridium® satellite network, the IC-SAT100 offers seamless, stable communication across every inch of the planet.
  • Instant Emergency Communication: The high-visibility orange emergency button provides a rapid response capability, giving you peace of mind in critical situations.
  • Intuitive Operation: User-friendly controls mirror traditional land mobile radios, making it easy to switch from group chats to private communications effortlessly.

Advanced Functionalities for Modern Needs

  • Integrated GPS and Bluetooth: Track your location and connect seamlessly with wireless accessories.
  • Texting-over-PTT: Unique capability to send text messages directly through your device enhances your communication versatility.
  • Comprehensive Voice Recording: Record and replay up to 8 minutes of important communications to ensure no detail is missed.
  • Fully Interoperable: Compatible with other Iridium® PTT devices, making it ideal for expanding or integrating into existing setups.

Equip your IC-SAT100 with an array of optional accessories like waterproof microphones, Bluetooth headsets, and multi-unit chargers to fully customize your setup for any scenario.

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Dimensions: 2.3 × 5.3 × 1.3 in

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