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3.5" Stubby Antenna, UHF 440-470 MHz, SMA Female Connector

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  • Hytera 3.5" Stubby Antenna
  • UHF 440-470 MHz
  • SMA Female Connector

What is the AN0455H02?

The Hytera AN0455H02 is a 3.5" Stubby antenna.  The Antenna is tuned for use on UHF 440-470 MHz frequencies.  This compact antenna threads onto the Hytera Radios and has a SMA female connector.

Works with the Following Hytera Radios:

  • TC-500U, TC-508U, TC-518U, TC-580U, TC-600U, TC-610U, TC-700U

Why Choose this antenna?

Select the stubby UHF antenna for the smallest antenna option to use along with your handheld radio.  This allows for the radio to be more discrete when wearing or just stays out of the way during use.

3.5" Stubby Antenna, AN0455H02, UHF 440-470 MHz, SMA Female Connector for Hytera UHF Portable Radios

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Stubby 2-6"
dB Gain
0 dB
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