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Havis Mounting Bracket C-EB30-KNG-1P for Dash Mount KNG Mobiles

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  • KNG Dash Mount Faceplate
  • Havis Console Mounting Bracket

What is the C-EB30-KNG-1P?

The Havis C-EB30-KNG-1P is a Mounting Faceplate for Mobile radios to properly mount the radios into Havis consoles.

Works with the Following Radios:

  • Relm KNG-M150 Dash Mount Mobile Radios
  • Relm KNG-M400 Dash Mount Mobile Radios
  • Relm KNG-M500 Dash Mount Mobile Radios
  • Relm KNG-M800 Dash Mount Mobile Radios

Why Choose This Mounting Bracket?

Choose this mounting faceplace to securely mount your Bendix King Mobile KNG into your Havis console.  Adjustable mounting slides on the radio allow for adjustment of the position of the radio up and down into the console.

Havis Mounting Bracket/Faceplate, C-EB30-KNG-1P - for Bendix King Dash Mount KNG Mobile

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