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Vehicle Hardwire Installation Kit for 49er Chargers

49er Communications SKU: PACH9RVCHW
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  • Charger Hardwire kit for 49er chargers.
  • Hardwire kit comes with DC power cables and fuses.

What is the Charger Hardwire Kit? 

The PACH9RVCHW is a radio charger hardwire kit for single, dual and 6-Bay chargers to be wired into a vehicle.

Works with:

  • NCC0355, NCC0380, CHDPHVC9R1BE, CHKNGVC9R1BE, CHDPHDT9R6BE, CHKNGDT9R6BE or any other 49er brand battery chargers.
  • BK Radio LAA0355P, LAA0380P, KAA0301P, and KAA0300P chargers

Why choose the Hardwire Install Kit? 

If you are using any of the 49er chargers or Bendix King P Series chargers this is the hardwire kit to install and wire direct to the batter or power switch. The Hardwire Kit includes in line fuses and DC power cables. 

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