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GPS Antenna, KAA0834 for use with Relm BK KNG-M Mobile Radios

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  • GPS tracking can be of great benefit to firefighters at multiple levels:
  • Mapping the fire
  • Locating and directing personnel to the hot spots
  • Use With KZA0589 Feature Enabled the Radio
  • Sending additional help to the right location
  • Directing rescue efforts if necessary

What is the KAA0834?

GPS Antenna (Magnetic Mount) with 17 ft. cable & MMXC Male Connector.

Works with the following BK Radios:

  • Bendix King KNG-M800, KNG-M800R
  • Bendix King KNG-M500, KNG-M500R
  • Bendix King KNG-M400, KNG-M400R
  • Bendix King KNG-M150, KNG-M150R

Why Choose the GPS Antenna?

This GPS antenna is designed to transmit the GPS location of the radio each time the radio is keyed up.  The data that is sent out is able to be received by the other radios that are programmed to communicate with the transmitting radio or with third party software that is designed to collect the data and transpose the locations onto a map.

The GPS antenna does not replace the standard radio antenna, it is designed to use along with the radio RF antenna.  There is a combination antenna mounting base available, see KAA0835.

GPS Antenna, KAA0834, for use with Relm BK KNG-M Mobile Radios enabled with the KZA0589 GPS Feature

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