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Sti-Co Flexible Antenna, NMO Roof Mount 136 MHz to 1 GHz

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  • Incredible flexible whip will bend but will not break.
  • 1/4 Wave whip
  • NMO Style Antenna
  • Custom Tuning from 136 MHz to 1 GHz.

What is the Flexible Roof Mount Antenna?

The Sti-Co Flexi-Whip roof mount mobile radio antenna is a fully flexible whip style antenna which can be tuned to any desired frequency between 136 MHz and 1 GHz.

Works with the:

  • Vehicle Mounted mobile radios
  • Bendix King DMH & GMH mobile radios
  • BK Radio KNG-M mobile radios
  • Hytera Mobile Radios
  • Kenwood Mobile Radios
  • Motorola Mobile Radios
  • iCOM Mobile Radios

Why choose the Sti-Co Flexible Antenna?

The whip antenna offers amazing flexibility that bends but will not break! Customize the antenna to the required transmit frequencies by cutting the antenna to length following the included table of frequencies. Mount using any NMO style antenna mounting base (Sold Separately)

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