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Flex Circuit, Mic to Systems Board for KNG-Mxxx

BK Technologies SKU: PARE1700-31018-800
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  • Replacement Ribbon Cable
  • Connects the mic jack to the systems board

What is the 1700-31018-800?

The 1700-31018-800 is a flex ribbon cable that connects the Mic port to the systems board on the KNG Mobile Radios

Works with the following BK Radios:

  • KNG-M150 / KNG-M150R
  • KNG-M400 / KNG-M400R
  • KNG-M500 / KNG-M500R
  • KNG-M800 / KNG-M800R
  • KAA0660 Remote Heads

Why choose this?

Repairing the Mic jack?  Rather than unsolder and resolder the existing cable, replace with a new cable.  This is a much easier process as less chances of melting the existing cable from being soldered multiple times.  Use along with 2105-00259-108 mic jack.

Flex Circuit, 1700-31018-800 - Mic to Systems Board for BK KNG-M Mobile Radios

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