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External Antenna Adapter Kit for BKR5000

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  • External Antenna Kit for BKR5000
  • Includes Adapter, Antenna Mount and Flexible Antenna

What is the BUBKR5ANRM9R?

The BUBKR5ANRM9R is an external antenna adapter kit.  The kit includes the Adapter, Magnetic Antenna Mount and the Flexible Whip VHF Antenna.

Works with following Bendix King Radios:

  • BKR5000

Why Choose the External Antenna Kit?

When using your BKR5000 Bendix King portable radio from within a vehicle, much of the signal is blocked by the metal and glass of the vehicle.  This kit allows the radio to be connected to a roof mounted antenna on top of the vehicle for better transmit and receive of the radio waves.  This creates clearer communications while driving.

External Antenna Adapter Kit for BKR5000

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Whip 16-60"