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Dual Vehicle Charger for iCOM IP100/501 & ID-31/51 Series Radios

49er Communications SKU: CHIC8VC9R2BE
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  • For iCOM IP100H, IP501H, ID-31A, ID-31E, ID-51A, ID-51E Radios
  • Rapid Rate
  • Comes with hardwire kit and mounting bracket
  • Quad Chemistry
  • CA Energy Certified

What is the CHIC8VC9R2BE Vehicle Charger?

The CHIC8VC9R2BE is a high-performance black rapid rate dual cup vehicle charger designed for iCOM IP100H, IP501H, ID-31A, ID-31E, ID-51A, ID-51E portable radios. Capable of charging two radios simultaneously, it ensures your devices are always ready for use.

Works with the Following Radios:

  • iCOM IP100H, IP501H, ID-31A, ID-31E, ID-51A, ID-51E handheld Radios

Why do you need the CHIC8VC9R2BE Vehicle Charger?

If you need a reliable solution to charge multiple iCOM batteries while on the move, the CHIC8VC9R2BE is perfect. This charger is a rapid rate, dual cup charger with a hardwire kit and mounting bracket, making it ideal for mobile operations. It's a quad chemistry charger and is CA energy certified, offering flexibility and compliance with safety standards.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

charger type
Vehicle Dual
Charge Rate - Rapid Rate
Charge Source - hardwired

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