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Dual Microphone Extension Cable, KAA0619 for KNG-B

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  • Mic extension cable
  • Option for a dual mic set up
  • Allows for additional users

What is the KAA0619?

The KAA0619 is a dual microphone extension cable for use with KNG series base stations.  This Cable connects to the 25 pin auxiliary port on the back of the base station and extends the distance at which the microphone can be away from the base unit.

Works with the following Base Stations:

  • BK KNG-B150
  • BK KNG-B400
  • BK KNG-B500
  • BK KNG-B800

Why choose the dual mic extension cable?

This extension cable gives you the ability to extend the microphone used with the base station away from the large base unit or gives the ability to add a second microphone to the unit.  The extension cable could allow a second microphone to be in a different room than the first for additional users to transmit through the base station.

Dual Microphone Extension Cable, KAA0619, for use with Relm BK KNG Base Stations

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