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DTMF Programming Microphone, LAA0290 for DMH, GMH

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  • LAA0290X Programming Microphone
  • Includes 16 key DTMF Keypad
  • Allows for Field Programming

What is the LAA0290X Microphone? 

The LAA0290X is a handheld DTMF programming microphone for BK Legacy mobile radios. This is a direct replacement for the previous revision LAA0290.

Works with:

  • DMH, GMH, EMH, EMV Bendix King Radios
  • GBH and DBH Bendix King Base Stations

Why choose the LAA0290 Programming Microphone? 

The pprogramming microphone allows for direct entry tones to channels, selection of groups on radio and hand programing in the field. Designed ergonomically for a comfortable fit in hand. This is the 2020 revision X, which shows as LAA0290X.

Bendix King DMH and GMH DTMF Programming Microphone, LAA0290

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Bendix King LAA0290