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Downloadable EMH/EMV Programming Software, LAA0737

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  • Programming software download, for the Bendix King EMH and EMV series radios, guides users through a fairly simple programming process. Using the software download is much easier than trying to program by hand.

What is the EMH/EMV Programming Software Download?

The LAA0737 PC programming Download for Bendix King EMH/EMV series radios allows users to customize the radios to their particular needs. This software is compatible with Windows 98, XP & 32 Bit Version of Windows 7.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios:

  • EMV, EMH Series Bendix King Mobile Radios 

Why choose the LAA0737 Download?

Users of the BK Radio EMH and EMV series radios prefer using the programming software Download because it is a much easier way to program radios, especially when programming multiple radios. 

*Software compatible with Windows 98, XP & 32 Bit Version of Windows 7

This is a downloadable product. There are no refunds on downloadable products. 

LAA0737CD, Bendix King EMH/EMV Radio Programming Software CD, Compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista, 32 Bit Version of Windows 7