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Desktop Charger, CHXLDT9R1BE, Equivalent to XL-CH4J for Harris XL-200P, XL-185P

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  • Desktop Charger equivalent to Harris XL-CH4J
  • Harris XL-200P and XL-185P Radios
  • Rapid Rate Charger
  • EC Certified for Energy Efficiency
  • Self-Diagnostics & LED Light Display Identifies Battery Conditions
  • LED Lights Indicate Progress: In Process, 80% Charged, or Fully Charged
  • 1-year warranty

What is the CHXLDT9R1BE Desktop Charger?

The CHXLDT9R1BE is a Desktop Charger that is equivalent to Harris desktop charger XL-CH4J. The battery charger has an LED indicator light that displays the status of the charge cycle the batteries are in.

Works with the following radios: 

  • Harris Unity XL-200P and XL-185P   

Why do you need the CHXLDT9R1BE Desktop Charger?

The rapid rate desktop charger is equivalent to OEM desktop charger XL-CH4J for Harris XL-200P and XL-185P series radios. This versatile rapid rate charger is EC certified for energy efficiency and has a smart chip so that the charger shuts off once the battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. Charge Li-Ion, Li-Poly, NiMH or NiCad battery chemistries on this single quad chemistry charger. Features self-diagnostics and LED indicators that indicate battery condition and charge progress.  

Desktop Charger, CHXLDT9R1BE - Rapid Rate, Equivalent to XL-CH4J for Harris Unity XL-200P, XL-185P Radios

Technical Details

Product Specifications

charger type
Desktop Single
battery chemistry
Li-Ion, Li-Poly
replaces products
Charge Rate - Rapid Rate
Charge Source - 120VAC
Power Connection - AC Wall Outlet