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Deburring Tool for LMR195 through LMR600 Coax Cables

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  • Coax deburring tool
  • Use with LMR195 thru LMR600 cables
  • Use after cutting tools

What is the DBT-U Tool?

The Times Microwave DBT-U is a deburring tool for solid center conductor coax cables.  Use after cutting and prepping RF cable ends and before attaching the RF connectors.  The tool allows for smooth center conductors to be either crimped or soldered to the connectors.

Compatible with:

LMR195 through LMR600 Coax Cable

Why Choose The Deburring Tool?

The key to a good communication system is good strong connections through the communications lines.  Use the deburring tool to smooth out any burrs left behind by cutting tools for proper connections in the system.

Deburring Tool, DBT-U - Use with Solid Center Conductor Coax Cable Sizes LMR195 through LMR600