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D-Swivel Kit, Belt loop and D-Button for BKR5000

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  • Kit includes Belt Loop and D-Button
  • Works with All BKR5000 Model Radio Batteries
  • Secure Way to Carry Radio

What is the D-Swivel Kit?

The 49er Communications D-Swivel kit is a BKR5000 Radio carry solution that replaces the plastic belt clip and or a radio holster.  The kit includes the BKR5000 D-Button and the Leather belt loop.  Connect the D-Button Swivel on the radio battery in place of the belt clip and attach the snapping leather belt loop to your belt for an easy on/off carrying of the radio.

Compatible with:

All Relm BKR5000 Portable Radios

Why choose the CABKR5A9RDBDL Kit?

Choose the D-Swivel button with leather belt loop for worry free carrying of your BK R5000 Radio on your hip.  Slide the D-Button into the belt loop at any angle for easy securing of radio on the belt, but as a safety measure you cannot remove the radio at any angle so that it cannot accidently fall off.  The radio must be inverted 180 degrees in order to remove the button from the belt loop.  Carry the radio with ease and peace of mind with this carry solution.

D-Swivel Kit - Includes Leather Belt Loop and D-Swivel Button for BKR5000 Series BK Portable Radios

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Case Material - Metal