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D-Swivel Button for BKR5000 Portable Radios

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  • D-Swivel for BKR5000
  • Use with Leather Belt Loop

What is a D-Swivel carrying accessory?

The D-Swivel carry accessory is a replacement option for the plastic blet clip on a RELM BKR5000 Portable Radio.  The metal D-Swivel connects to the back of the radio battery and is compatible with a 49er leather swivel belt loop.  The button slides with ease into the leather belt loop for secure carrying of the radios.

Compatible with the following radios:

  • All BK 5000 Series Portable Radios

Why choose the D-Swivel carrying accessory?

Using a metal D-swivel is a superior option than the traditional plastic of the belt clips.  To prevent accidental dropping of the radio, the swivel can clip into the belt loop at any angle and only be removed when the radio is inverted.  These carry buttons are significantly more reliable means to carry your radio.  The D-Swivel Button carrying accessory, also known as a stud muffin, is recommended to be used with the 49er leather belt loop.

Metal D-Swivel Button , Use with Leather Swivel Belt Loop for RELM BK Radio BKR5000 Portables

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Case Material - Metal