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Compact Vehicle BKR5000 Charger

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  • Compact Vehicle Charger
  • Charges BKR5000 Radios
  • Includes Secure Bungee
  • Includes Wiring Kit
  • Smallest Charger Available

What is the Compact Vehicle Charger?

The charger is just how it sounds, it is compact to fit in a very small space and stay out of the way while charging a BK BKR5000 portable radio.  The charger includes a radio bungee to keep the radio in place while driving down the road.  Wire the charger directly into the vehicle for a continuous secure connection to power.

Works with the following BK radios:

  • BKR5000 Radios
  • BKR5000 Command Radios

Why choose this Compact Vehicle Charger?

Choose the compact vehicle charger for a secure charging source that fits in a small space.  Space is at a premium in a fire engine, get the smallest charger on the market for you Bendix King BKR5000 Radios.

Compact Vehicle Charger, CA Energy Certified, Rapid Rate, for BK BKR5000

Technical Details

Product Specifications

charger type
Vehicle Single
Power Connection - DC Hardwired