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Commscope Grounding Kit for 1/2" Coaxial Cable

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  • All Inclusive Kit
  • Used to ground 1/2" coax cables

What is a 1/2" Coax Grounding Kit?

The Commscope Grounding kit is an all inclusive kit to ground 1/2" coax cables.


  • Grounding kit
  • Hardware
  • Lug
  • One roll of 2 in PVC tape
  • One roll of 24 in butyl rubber tape

Why Choose this Grounding Kit?

Minimize the safety hazard of lightning strikes and static build up by properly grounding your antenna system.  A good ground can protect you and your equipment in the event of a lightning strike.  Use quality equipment to ground the antenna coax cables.  This kit uses high quality copper conductor material and copper grounding strap.  Seal the system after installing using the butyl rubber tape and PVC tape to keep the elements out.

Commscope Grounding Kit, 204989-1, for 1/2 inch Coax, EW180/220 w/attached 1-Hole Lug