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L2 RX/TX Board Coil - DPH, GPH

BK Technologies SKU: PARE1800-20048-101
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  • DPH & DPHX Series VHF Radio RX/TX Board - L2
  • GPH & GPH-CMD Series VHF Radio RX/TX Board - L2

What is the 1800-20048-101?

The Bendix King Coil part for Legacy series radios.

Works with:

  • DPH & DPHX Series Bendix King Radios
  • GPH & GPH-CMD Series Bendix King Radios

Why choose the Coil?

The Bendix King Coil replacement part for DPH, DPHX, GPH & GPH-CMD series radios. 

1800-20048-101 Coil, L2 RX/TX Board for Bendix King DPH, DPHX, GPH & GPH-CMD Relm BK Radios

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