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BK Radio KNG2-P150 P25 Digital VHF Radio - DISCONTINUED

BK Technologies SKU: KNG2-P150
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  • Enhanced Speaker & Larger Bright Colored Display
  • New Bendix King Enhanced Speaker
  • Field/Keypad Programmable
  • Field Clonable
  • 16+ hours Battery Life (using super high capacity battery)
  • Easy operation

What is the BK Radio KNG2-P150 Digital Portable Radio?

*As of October 2021 the KNG Series of portable radios have been discontinued.  They are replaced by the BKR5000 Radios.

The KNG2-P150 BK Radio handheld radio has all the features you liked in the BK KNG P series and much more. This new KNG2 Radio has an enhanced speaker, bright colored display and built in Bluetooth capabilities. The Bendix King KNG2 can be cloned to all previous models using the KAA0701 universal cloning cable(except for EPH series Bendix King radios) or to other KNG Portables using the KAA0700.  The KNG 2 Portable also offers stealth texting capabilities for anyone on a P25 system.

The BK Radio KNG-2 handheld is the most advanced Bendix King radio to date. This radio is fully compatible with any P25 trunking systems from other companies, such as Tait, Harris, and Motorola.  For trunking capabilities KZA0579 feature must be added to the radios.

Why Choose the BK Radio KNG2-P150 Digital Portable Radio?

    The KNG2-P150 radio offers a comprehensive array of optional features tailored to meet the demands of agencies requiring reliable and secure communication solutions. With built-in Bluetooth for convenient connectivity, GPS capability for enhanced situational awareness, and trunking options like FDMA and TDMA for efficient spectrum usage, this radio ensures seamless communication in diverse environments. Advanced encryption protocols such as DES/AES Encryption, alongside features like Vote Scan and Link Layer Authentication, bolster security and optimize signal reception. Additionally, the radio's OTAP and OTAR capabilities streamline remote programming and key management, reducing downtime and ensuring ongoing security updates. For agencies seeking a robust, versatile, and secure communication solution, the KNG2-P150 radio equipped with these optional features stands as a crucial tool, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

    The KNG2 is made for policemen and firemen on P25 radio systems and has the capability to upgrade to AES/DES/OFB Level 2 encryption.

    Technical Details

    Product Specifications

    IP67 Submersible
    Public Safety
    replaces products
    KNG-P150, KNG-P150S, DPH, GPH, EPH Radios
    Intrinsically Safe Optional
    Transmit Power - 6 watts
    Screen Type - Color LCD
    # of Channels - 5000
    Buttons On Faceplate - Field Programmable Keypad (DTMF)
    Programming Options - Clone, Keypad (direct entry), PC Computer

    Customer Reviews

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    Really like the Bluetooth

    The bluetooth option in this radio is really nice because I can sync up my headset that I use with my phone and use it along with the radio as well.